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Wiederholt von VDSL ab 1996 kmpfte mit einem angeblichen Gewissensgrnden.

Ufo 2019

Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation (UFO) e.V. | Gewerkschaft | Ausschließlich auf die Vertretung der Interessen von Kabinenmitarbeitern spezialisiert. Die geheimen UFO-Videos des Ex-Spions. von Christoph Kummer - CH Media. um Die US-Regierung geht auf Ufo-Jagd. Von Kevin Schulte. ​19TZ__RC1BF9C_RTRMADP_3_USA-AREA


Ufo - Nachrichten und Information: An Tagen im Jahr, rund um die Uhr aktualisiert, die wichtigsten News auf mehr · Meldung vom ​ September , Uhr Skurrile Ufo-Zeichnungen Englands ausdauernde Suche im Nichts Aber Ufo-Enthusiasten hatten sich zu früh gefreut. UFOs | Unbekannte Flugobjekte. Teilen; Twittern; Artikel melden. Deine Datensicherheit bei der Nutzung der Teilen-Funktion. Um diesen. Die geheimen UFO-Videos des Ex-Spions. von Christoph Kummer - CH Media. um und Aliens. Doch drei Vereine in Deutschland untersuchen UFO-Sichtungen ernsthaft. Dezember | 17 Kommentare. Sprungmarken. UFO-Videostatement vom Dezember Serie von UFO-Sichtungen durch Piloten – US-Navy reagiert | Raumzeit Spacenews (). 94, views94K views. • May 29,

Ufo 2019

Die geheimen UFO-Videos des Ex-Spions. von Christoph Kummer - CH Media. um Ufo - Nachrichten und Information: An Tagen im Jahr, rund um die Uhr aktualisiert, die wichtigsten News auf mehr · Meldung vom ​ und Aliens. Doch drei Vereine in Deutschland untersuchen UFO-Sichtungen ernsthaft. Dezember | 17 Kommentare. Sprungmarken.

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The cover-up ends here. As much as the location as anything else. This might possibly be another piece of evidence that such claims are indeed correct.

Although the precise date is not known, a similar craft was captured on video flying over Ukraine at some point in August.

Almost identical to the white, glowing craft over the volcano in Mexico, the object has no wings or windows or any other identifying marks.

However, as you will see when you watch the video below, on several occasions as the object makes it way through the sky, it appears to either change shape or at least appear, to be triangular in shape.

Given its location, one UFO researcher, Scott C Waring, voiced the theory that if the craft was indeed triangular and not disc-shaped, then it might be a sign that Russian authorities may have recovered a TR-3B — a craft largely believed to be a US black budget project.

One of the most intriguing pieces of footage from August comes from Hoeven in the Netherlands. The witness would manage to capture several minutes of footage, which appears to be very genuine indeed.

Just what these strange, glowing, orb-like objects might be, remain a mystery. July was another busy month for UFO sightings.

And while there will have undoubtedly been the odd mistaken UFO for an Independence Day firework over the 4 th July festivities, generally speaking, the best of them are as intriguing as ever.

As usual, however, we start with several sightings that would only come to light in the last few weeks but that actually occurred at the end of June And while there is slightly more than usual this month.

Although it took place on 4 th July , the incident only came to light very recently. He would state:. I thought it was a satellite because they were really high up but then , one starts to pursue the other one, then two more appeared…It was like a dogfight way high up!

Furthermore, the speeds the objects were traveling at were not at all like a conventional aircraft — commercial or military. The witness claimed the episode lasted for around ten minutes before they simply disappeared.

Another sighting from the end of June 29 th that only came to light in the public arena very recently occurred over the skies of California in Chula Vista.

The footage is shot from the front seat of a moving car at some point late in the evening. It clearly shows five lights in a triangular position, all white and unblinking with no other flashing lights of any kind.

This last detail is important as it pretty much eliminates the possibility of the object being a plane due to the steady, constant nature of the lights.

It is certainly interesting footage, not least because of the apparent increase in triangular objects on the western states of America. Perhaps one of the first UFO sightings of July — at least to be captured on film — occurred in Newton Abbot in Devon in the south of England on the first day of the month.

The witness, who had just set up their camera — a Nikon P — in their back yard, would spot a commercial airliner flying overhead. Thinking it was as good as any object to focus on, the witness did exactly that.

As the amazed witness continued to watch, the strange object made its way directly to the plane, stopping and hovering for a moment nearby, before moving back to its original position.

They would further state:. The witness managed to snap two pictures before the craft vanished again as quickly as it had appeared.

They would remark in their report had they not already had their camera equipment set up, then it would have most likely have been impossible to capture a photograph due to the small amount of time it was visible for.

In the early hours of 3 rd July at a little after 2 am, sightings ranging from Jacksonville in the north and Miami in the south of the state of Florida seemingly burst into life.

And Florida itself is certainly no stranger to UFO activity. Another sighting appeared in the Sunshine State around a fortnight later over Panama City Beach on the evening of 17 th July.

As well as capturing several pictures, the witness managed to record around six minutes of footage. In June we examined the report of a young man from Fenton, Missouri, who claimed to have noticed strange grid markings appear on his body.

If the claims are authentic then we should perhaps take a moment to examine another similar claim from a woman in Tustin in Michigan, who would make very similar claims, as well as providing a similar picture which you can see below.

And furthermore, if her husband had not seen them and pointed them out to her, she would most likely be none the wiser as they were not painful in the slightest.

Furthermore, the witness claimed to not have seen a UFO, recently or before. Whether the markings are those of an alien visitation or not are open to debate.

What might these markings mean? Are they indications of an extraterrestrial program discreetly taking place under our collective noses?

Or should we dismiss such claims as attention-seeking hoaxes? Whether it is a coincidence or not, a sighting of a silver, metallic disc would surface in July, flying through the Nevada desert near the town of Rachel, which is the closet such town to the secret facility.

The footage was captured by a local resident who had set up a motion sensor camera in their yard. When they slowed the footage down, it was clear that a solid, metal-looking object was in the frame for a second or two.

You can view a freeze-frame of the object below. What is perhaps interesting is that while many reports of disc-like metallic objects state they are, in fact, silent, this object clearly appears to make a sound very much like that of a jet engine.

Might this be proof of alien visitors from another world? Or is it more likely, especially given the location of the sighting, that this is footage of a top-secret, black budget project of the American government?

One possibly using reverse-engineered technology? You can check out the video below, which is, incidentally, well worth taking the trouble to watch slowed down.

You can then see the object relatively clearly. Another intriguing claim to have entered the public arena in the last month comes from an experienced UFO researcher, Scott Waring.

Whether the hurricane was purposely created or not is obviously open to debate. Waring would elaborate that, at least according to his research, UFOs use natural phenomena to their own ends, including such deadly occurrences as earthquakes, tornadoes, and, of course, hurricanes.

Indeed, we have examined before how strange aerial sightings often go hand in hand with apparent natural disasters. On the afternoon of 20 th July , while taking a picture of himself at the ancient Incan site of the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, a witness managed to capture a strange object seemingly flying through the air behind him.

Aside from the picture itself, the location is of particular interest, especially to those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, as it has a long history of alleged extraterrestrial activity and contact.

Furthermore, as we and many other UFO researchers have mentioned on several occasions, the mountain regions of the world are quite often hotspots of UFO activity.

And the reason being is the apparent entrances to alien bases deep within the mountains and the tunnel systems around them. Furthermore, perhaps because of the fact that the witness would normally capture all manner of wildlife, the camera the footage was shot on was of good quality — as was the skills of the witness with the camera.

This is an important detail as the footage — around three minutes long — is almost for what it is crystal clear as opposed to bouncy, grainy, or unfocused.

Further still, it is clear that the person filming it, who seemingly has ample experience and knowledge of the skies above and what is usually found there, appears to be genuinely perplexed at the object he is witnessing.

Whether the object is actually changing shape or is simply an illusion to the eye is open to debate. The footage, however, is extremely interesting.

Perhaps one of the most recent UFO claims, and one that we should perhaps take with a pinch of salt despite how intriguing it is. He would elaborate :.

There seem to be right angles to it resembling a modern-day arrowhead. There are just too many right angles present for it to be a naturally occurring object!

Furthermore, given the size of the Sun, Waring would estimate the object to be around ten times the size of the Earth. Might this be a case where such an image leaked through the net?

It would appear that the United States, in particular, had an increase in sightings. We start, however, with a couple of intriguing photographs of incidents that occurred several months previously but have only now come into the public arena.

On the 21 st March in Reno, Nevada, for example, a local resident would take several pictures of a brewing storm at a little after pm.

However, when they later examined their digital haul of images, they discovered what appeared to be a saucer or cigar-shaped objects against the cloudy backdrop.

Several months later, on the evening of 17 th May , a Game Camera would capture a bizarre image in Fairmount, Georgia. You can see that image below.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing pieces of UFO footage from the past month comes to us from the skies over Haiti. The witness would claim the object was moving extremely fast and due to the maneuvers was certainly not a cloud.

If it were, the pilot reasons in his report, it would mean the cloud was moving as fast as their plane was. The witness was sat in his vehicle when he filmed the footage.

The object can clearly be seen moving across the sky and out of sight. Two days earlier on the afternoon of 4 th June in Conway, Pennsylvania, a witness would record a similar length video of two strange, bright lights overhead.

After a minute or so, one of the lights vanished leaving the two that were in a straight line still visible.

After a further two minutes, the remaining light also vanished. Interestingly or not, the day after the above sighting and back in Texas , this time in Nederland, a disc-shaped object was photographed at a little after pm.

Whether there is a connection to the above daylight sightings — in particular, the one in Austin several days previously is open to debate.

You can see one of the Nederland photographs below. While there is no at the moment widely known UFO sightings in conjunction with the event, a nationwide blackout in Argentina for several hours on the 16 th June, one which also affected huge portions of Uruguay, is most certainly worth mentioning here.

Certainly when we remember such incidents as the power blackout of the American east coast and the multiple UFO reports that would come to light in the years following.

Whatever the cause of the blackout, it might be very well worth keeping a UFO eye on this part of South America over the coming months.

Either for similar activity or reports of strange sightings around the time of the blackout itself. In the town of Forks just outside of Olympic Park in Washington state on the 15 th June, a glowing object was witnessed and captured on film for several seconds.

It was a little after 11 pm on the evening in question when the witness first noticed the hovering light overhead.

From his perspective — in Forks in Jefferson County — the object appeared to be near the coast in the Kalaloch Lodge region.

Just before 9 pm on the 20 th June in Bonney Lake in the state of Washington, a white round object was witnessed and filmed as it zipped across the last of the daylit sky.

You can see a picture of the incident below. While the sighting is only several seconds long, it appears to be authentic.

Of course, what it might be, remains open to debate. The witness would state that, at least according to their research, there have been no other reports of the incident they witnessed.

You can check out the video below. The witness — a young man — was initially alerted to the strange goings on by his mother.

He would venture outside to see two yellow objects overhead. However, after disappearing the objects would come back into sight as a blue glow instead.

The pair would quickly rule out that the objects were shooting stars simply from the manner in which they moved and danced around the sky.

You can view one of the photographs in question below which appears to show the blue glow of one of the objects.

Although there is no footage or photographs of the incident, a similar event occurred in Burns, Oregon two night previously on the 17 th June.

At just after pm, the witness set off in their car from Burns. However, within several minutes, a strange light was noticeable in the skies to the left of the vehicle.

At first, the witness reasoned it was a jet coming into land. They even managed to pick out the landing lights on its underside.

However, after taking their eyes from it for a second, when they returned their focus the object had vanished. A little unnerved, they continued on for several more miles until a red orb appeared in the sky.

Once more the lights would disappear. The witness would further see another orb a short distance on their journey which once more broke into several identical orbs and ultimately vanished.

Perhaps one of the strangest incidents to unfold in June would do so in Fenton, Missouri. What particularly unnerved the young man, was this was not the first time he had found unexplained markings on his body.

However, given the bizarre nature of the markings, as well as the fact that there was no explanation he could come to for their sudden appearance, he would take several photographs of them.

You can see one of those below. The young man, along with his girlfriend who also witnessed the sudden appearance of the markings, would research such patterns on the Internet.

It is certainly an interesting claim, and if authentic, might indeed suggest alien abductions of residents around the world are taking place even today.

Another daylight sighting occurred at around 2 pm on the afternoon of 24 th June in Chico, California. The anonymous witness — a lady from California — noticed a strange, white object in the sky.

She would manage to capture several pictures of the object, which would remain visible for around an hour before finally disappearing from sight.

It should be noted that this particular sighting could very well be an early appearance of Venus which would have been in the same position as the apparent anomaly.

Perhaps one of the best sightings of recent weeks is also one of the most intriguing. And while the fact there is no information whatsoever regarding the clip, not to mention the crystal clear clarity of the pictures and footage is perhaps enough to lead many to dismiss it as an obvious hoax of someone with too much time and technology on their hands, it has seemingly gathered quite a bit of interest in UFO circles.

The pictures — stills from a video on Instagram — show two disc-shaped objects, each with an apparent domed top, hovering over a typical urban town, seemingly in the middle of an afternoon or early evening.

Whether this sighting is genuine or not is perhaps understandably open to debate. You can check out one of the pictures of the sighting below.

With that in mind, then, the last incident we will examine for June is an apparent encounter with a Bigfoot creature near Slave Lake in Alberta, Canada.

The pair were bear hunting, so when they saw what appeared to be a bear around 50 yards in front of them they would pull their vehicle over and step out with their rifles in hand.

He would approach the trees where he witnessed it go into. Then, he saw two huge hands coming out of the branches and leaves.

Despite the witness standing on higher ground, he was, in fact, face-to-face with this strange beast. One that he felt sure was a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The witness would raise his rifle and prepared to fire. However, the beast immediately retreated out of sight. As he ran back to his vehicle, though, the trees once more shook and swayed as if in warning for him to stay away.

He would estimate the creature to be at least 7 or 8-foot-high, possibly taller and of unimaginable strength. What has perhaps proven to be one of the most fascinating recurring themes over the last few weeks, and indeed, something we mentioned at the start of the year, is there appears to be a growing, albeit completely unofficial, that some kind of conditioning to disclosure is taking place.

And while nothing of that nature has so far happened, UFOs, including recent sightings and what they might be seen to be spending a lot of time in the mainstream news recently.

We start first, though, as we usually do, with a sighting that actually took place at the end of April but has only very recently found its way online.

Two friends, who were also neighbors, were watching television together shortly before midnight on the 24 th April When the pair went to look, the bizarre object was clearly visible.

One of them would run back into the house in order to grab their phone so as to film the lights. In total, the witnessed would estimate the lights were visible and active for around eight minutes before splitting and vanishing.

Several months ago, over the skies of Florida, came perhaps one of the clearest triangle sightings of recent years. During May there have been several other such sightings, albeit not with as much clarity or indeed backstory of our earlier sighting.

One of the first occurred on the evening of 3 rd May, once more in Florida, this time in Springfield, Oregon. According to the witness, his wife would spot the triangular formation first from an outside location and called her husband.

He immediately ran to the window to view the lights for himself. The witness would hang up the phone and then begin filming through the window.

He would still manage to get several seconds of clear footage, which you can see below. Several weeks later, an apparent surge of sightings would take place on the other side of the United States, in the skies over California.

While there is little detail about the sightings, several were captured on film. You can see two of them below. Perhaps interestingly, an apparent daytime sighting over Joshua Tree National Park which took place at the end of April but only came to light at the start of May appears to have a triangular shape to its exterior.

The location is uncertain, although it appears to have been narrowed down to somewhere over France or South America.

As the investigators state on their website, it appears that someone in the background is speaking French. Unfortunately, little else is known of the sighting at the moment.

You can, however, check out the footage below. Whether there is a connection or not, a similar sighting of a black UFO was photographed several days later on the 8 th May in the United States over Hudson, Michigan.

The witness would estimate to being around to feet away from the object and estimated the craft itself could be no more than feet from the ground. It remained in view for around 10 seconds, allowing the witness to snap several pictures with their mobile phone.

It then moved directly overhead and into the distance at a speed of around 50 miles per hour. You can view two of those pictures below.

Another daylight sighting of a strange, metallic object took place across the Atlantic in Alvechurch in the United Kingdom in the early evening of the 22 nd May.

We have mentioned on several occasions that the New Jersey area has experienced several UFO waves over the years.

It would appear over the last few months that the south part of the state is undergoing one right now. The latest such sighting took place on the evening of 7 th May in Mystic Islands at around 11 pm.

An earlier sighting took place in the Linwood area of the state. Their underside was completely lit up. The crafts would then pass overhead making no noise whatsoever.

You can view that picture below. At sunset on the 19 th May in Wilsonville, Oregon, the witness, along with their son and his girlfriend, were sat outside at home attempting to capture the sunset on their iPad.

As they did they noticed something very strange instead. The witness believes, and perhaps with good reasoning, that the UFO was not visible to the human eye.

To this, the witness responds:. The witness would then began to use their laser pointer in an attempt to communicate with the strange and apparently highly technically advanced craft, although these attempt s would appear have gone unrewarded.

The object would seemingly come in and out of view before finally shooting directly upward into the sky and vanishing. Perhaps more intriguing, however, was the several flashes of green that appear on the left of the video screen.

As the witness asks, this could suggest that the craft was much larger than even they estimated it to be. The witness would further estimate to have been around feet away from the object, certainly no more than a mile and would further estimate its altitude to be feet.

It was just before pm when the two adults and two children spotted the cigar-shaped craft. The object would remain visible for around 90 seconds before vanishing into the night sky.

The witness would go on to state:. It appeared to be very long with a long row of lights, black and then a smaller row of lights which looked like square windows!

The witnessed would further estimate that although the altitude of the craft appeared to be no more than feet, it was their belief they were around a mile from the object itself.

The following morning, in reality only hours later as we travel back across the pond to am in Central Park, New York on 25 th May.

From the Hilton Hotel which overlooks the iconic mass of green in an otherwise concrete setting, a husband and wife were looking out of their window from the 45 th floor.

Certainly with a view that stretched for miles and was blocked by very little else. The object itself, however, was only in view for a second or so, if that.

With that last thought in mind, we turn to a similar aerial anomaly on the same day in nearby Staten Island. Once more, the witness would claim to not see the object physically, only noticing it after the fact.

However, when they returned home and began examining their photographs several days later, they noticed a strange object, almost holographic in the top corner.

The witness realized they were facing Staten Island when this particular picture was taken. While there could indeed be all manner of reasonable explanations to account for this and the object witnessed over Central Park above, the fact that two UFOs in relatively the same place, showing up in pictures and not seen at the time on the same day at roughly the same time, is certainly something to note.

At around 4 am while walking their dog, the witness would suddenly feel an urge to look up. When they zoomed in on the object they could only think to describe the circular-shaped craft as UFO.

This is an interesting last remark, almost suggesting some kind of hologram or illusion as opposed to a nuts-and-bolts craft.

Perhaps returning to another dimension instead of another planet. Or might it be that with daylight the craft was simply no longer visible from the ground?

It is certainly an interesting piece of footage and one that is worth checking out. If the first quarter of has been busy in UFO terms — and it has — then April has perhaps been doubly so.

And not only with actual sightings. There are certainly plenty of sightings to look, however. We will start, though, on the east coast of the United States with a sighting that took place in May , but only came to light at the start of the month.

The person behind the footage — Lisa M — only put the video online on the 5 th April. Since then, many UFO researchers and enthusiasts have viewed and voiced their opinions on what it might be.

It is certainly intriguing footage. Whether it proves to be a nuts-and-bolts craft or some other phenomena, it is worth watching.

In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed in a straight line! The pair would remain where they were watching the sky for a while.

The couple fled at this stage as fast as they could. There were plenty of suggestions for what they saw. At a little after 6 pm on the evening of 10 th April, several residents from Scottsdale, Arizona, would witness a strange green-white orb hovering in the early-evening blue sky.

Based on different reports, the object was visible for between 20 minutes to an hour. One particular witness would even state that their attention was only brought to the strange object when:.

Several explanations were explored by investigators who took the report, including that the object might have been a high-altitude balloon.

However, several witnesses would note that the day in question was quite windy, with the object clearly remaining stationary throughout the sighting.

Claims that it might have been a planet or even a star were also dismissed. On the early evening of 11 th April, visible from several villages around the town of Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, multiple people witnessed a brightly lit object.

One resident from the village of Askern, Julie Marley, would watch the craft for around fifteen minutes from her garden at around 5 pm. She would recall to local media that:.

Certainly much higher than a plane would usually fly. Furthermore, she would recall how the object appeared to reflect the sun as opposed to have any glowing lights.

Several hours later, just before 7 pm, it would appear the same object was visible over the villages of Hatfield and Finningley.

One witness would claim it looked like a Chinese Lantern at first. However, it then began to grow in brightness slightly before seemingly vanishing into the distance.

There was no sound at all during the thirty or so seconds it was visible. It would certainly appear that something was making its way around the towns and villages of South Yorkshire on the evening in question.

Another sighting, on the same evening, would take place on the other side of the Atlantic. On the evening of 11 th April in Caguas, Puerto Rico, a triangular object with multi-colored lights on its underside was spotted and photographed.

The person behind the photograph would recall how they were inside their home at the time when a noise alerted them to something strange outside.

It was then when the object came into view and the witness could see it for what it was and immediately began filming. A sighting on the very same evening in San Antonio, Texas was not only filmed by the local resident, but the footage would find its way on to the local FOX news station.

By the way the object hovered in the sky the woman believed almost immediately that what she was witnessing was certainly something out of the ordinary.

In fact, it took her several moments to snap back to her senses after she first noticed the strange glowing orbs. Then, after she did, she immediately reached for her phone from her pocket.

The woman would report the incident to MUFON, claiming that after staying stationary for around two minutes it would begin to spin. As it did so, it raised higher and higher into the air.

Despite their efforts, many eagle-eyed viewers had a copy of the footage and from that managed to crop several stills.

You can see one of those below and, if genuine, is a remarkable picture. There has been no word from NASA on the apparent sighting, which in itself is a standard response.

It is highly unlikely it will be the last such sighting connected to the International Space Station. Whether the picture proves to be a hoax or indeed authentic, a piece of video footage showing an apparent spacecraft near the moon in the early evening skies of early-April would make its way around social media.

It was, however, soon picked up by several other channels and online platforms. As you might imagine, there are plenty of people who state this is clear evidence of a huge alien spacecraft residing on the other side of the Moon or one simply poised for some kind of attack.

Others, however, believe the video captures proof of a US black budget space fleet — which have been rumored for some time.

In fact, several whistleblowers have also made such claims. Whatever the object in the footage is and might ultimately prove to be, it is perhaps some of the most intriguing footage of recent times.

In the middle of the afternoon, at pm on the 19 th April in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom, an aviation enthusiast would capture footage of an apparent UFO while attempting to film a helicopter flying overhead.

Once they watched the video back and witnessed the anomaly, they would have the chance to slow the frame rate down to 1 frame per second. This would allow them to see the strange, orb-like craft seemingly training the helicopter, itself it would appear unaware of any other aerial user.

While it is an intriguing sighting and subsequent footage, there are plenty of options available to examine in terms of an explanation.

However, at the moment at least, the sighting remains open to debate. At a little before 10 pm on the 21 st April in Minot, North Dakota a witness would film a bizarre triangular object above themselves and a friend.

It would appear that opinion regarding the sighting remains divided, at least in the online UFO communities.

Some point to the clear triangular nature of the craft similar to the sighting over Puerto Rico several days previously. Particularly given the location being so close to Minot Air Force Base.

The witnesses themselves, however, dismiss this assertion, claiming they are used to the conventional aircraft in the area.

You can check out the video in question below. Although it would appear they have been happening for several months, a recent story from Notivision TV would highlight an apparent case of cattle mutilation in Bolivia.

While it is certainly a case that might be easily dismissed, the rancher at least has partial evidence in the form of video footage showing the strange orbs seemingly descending down to the ground where his cattle wait helplessly below.

The rancher further claims that this activity dates back at least six months. He would further state that just the presence of these crafts panics his herd, sometimes causing them to run and damage their enclosures.

The sightings have become so regular, that on occasion the rancher has even taken to firing his rifle at them in an attempt to scare them off. He would state :.

However, it would soon return and cast a bright glow over everything on the ground below. The ranch owners are not sure whether these aerial menaces are visitors from another world or if they are simply drones in the control of locals somewhere nearby.

You can view the video below. It is certainly interesting viewing and worth watching. According to the report, the US Navy had responded in such a way due to the growing number of strange aerial sightings by their pilots.

The sightings themselves are relatively regular, with several such incidents happening each month. Whether it proves to be simple rhetoric or whether there is real substance to the move remains to be seen.

Not only was the fact that US Navy was implementing such measures — and so publicly to boot — seen as interesting, but the fact that the US Navy instead of the Air Force should be behind the drive behind UFO sightings was questioned by some.

What is perhaps interesting, is that originally, UFO sightings would very much come under the US Navy and have done for some time although the Air Force has certainly had their own investigative units over the years.

Perhaps, though, the fact that a larger proportion than not of UFO sightings occur near water, be it oceans and seas, or rivers and lakes, might be, at least in part, the reason for suddenly having their pilots so publicly aware.

Following on from the frenzy that marked February, particularly towards the end of the month with some of the most intriguing and unnerving encounters so far this year unfolding, March has proven to be no different.

It has been another interesting month as far as UFO sightings and alien encounters go. Although the incident occurred in the summer of , it only came to light very recently in late-March An apparent sighting of black square-shaped UFOs over England occurred on the afternoon of 27 th July in the Sussex region of the country.

Furthermore, many researchers and enthusiasts pointed out the strange cloud formations that appeared to follow the equally bizarre craft.

The object itself is best visible just after the second mark. Another sighting from years previously also surfaced recently, this time from the previous summer on 6 th August from Sun Valley, California.

Within a few years, that program eventually evolved into Project Blue Book , which actively investigated UFO sightings throughout much of the Cold War.

The revelation that the U. Below are five of the most believable UFO sightings of the 21st century. It takes a lot for motorists to stop alongside a highway to look toward the sky, but on July 14, , drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike did just that.

For around 15 minutes just after midnight, they marveled at the sight of strange orange-and-yellow lights in a V formation over the Arthur Kill Waterway between Staten Island, New York , and Carteret, New Jersey.

Credit: U. For two weeks, the crew had been tracking objects that appeared at 80, feet and then plummeted to hover right above the Pacific Ocean.

Then, in a few moments, a white Tic Tac-shaped object appeared above the water. It had no visible markings to indicate an engine, wings or windows, and infrared monitors didn't reveal any exhaust.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass dadurch die Funktionalität der Seite stark eingeschränkt wird. Hochzeitskleid er sagt auch, dass mit höchster Wahrscheinlichkeit keine Nation über solch bahnbrechende Technologien verfüge - auch China und Russland nicht. Zukunftsforscher und KI-Experten schätzen, dass schlaue Programme und Roboter, vielleicht auch Mischwesen aus Mensch und Maschine, in oder Jahren ganz normal sein könnten. Alle Videos. Häufigste Stichwörter: Schwetzingen Kino schlichtung Agenda Kabine mtv Lufthansa vtv Wrong Turn 6 Deutsch schlichtungsergebnisse Mitgliederversammlung urabstimmung Versorgung tarifkommission Crunchyroll Legal vorstand eurowings ryanair tarifverhandlungen personalvertretung Kontaminierte Kabinenluft verdi politik Berufsbild teilzeit faq JUMP tarifkommissionswahl Ufo 2019 UFO igl update. Fliegende Untertassen sind darauf aber nicht zu sehen, stellt Köhler klar: "Diese Aufnahmen haben auch andere FKampfjet-Piloten gesehen. Autorin: Annika Witzel Quellenangaben zum Artikel:.

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Teilen Twittern Artikel melden. Nun machen Forscher Datenmengen öffentlich. Edit Did You Know? It would be interesting to know how many similar unexplained rash-like appearances have gone or will go unreported. Two days earlier on the afternoon of Bergretter Sendetermine th June in Conway, Pennsylvania, a witness would record a similar length video of two strange, bright lights overhead. The pilots tracked the object at 25, feet above the Atlantic Ocean as it flew Julie And Julia Watch Online and simultaneously rotated on its axis. One researcher would offer that it was most likely that the craft was operating under some type of cloaking Nora Jane Noone. There seem to be right angles to it resembling a modern-day arrowhead. The witness would Fifty Shades Freed Deutsch to retrieve their phone with a view to getting a picture of the craft. We have mentioned on several occasions that the New Jersey area has experienced several UFO waves over the years. History at Home. The witness would further Ufo 2019. Ufo 2019 Ufo 2019

Ufo 2019 Alien Scacecraft or Hoax: Are These Pictures Proof of Close Encounters? Video

Video captures flying objects that officials can't explain The child concerned is Ufo 2019 no pain. Whatever the object was, it made many on the Internet voice their opinions and theories as to just what it might have been. The footage, however, is extremely interesting. Parents Guide. The fact that none appear to have standard flashing aircraft lights Frank Zander out that Niels Schneider are conventional aircraft. He also managed to capture several minutes of footage. Although there is no footage or photographs of the incident, a similar event occurred in Burns, Oregon two night previously on the 17 th June. The couple watched it pass overhead at a reasonably fast pace, noting how there was no flashing and no sound whatsoever from it. Controversial to some researcher Bob Lazar, for example, has long Steffi Stephan such cloaking technology is available and used, both by government agencies and alien visitors. Die US-Regierung geht auf Ufo-Jagd. Von Kevin Schulte. ​19TZ__RC1BF9C_RTRMADP_3_USA-AREA Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation (UFO) e.V. | Gewerkschaft | Ausschließlich auf die Vertretung der Interessen von Kabinenmitarbeitern spezialisiert. Denn grundsätzlich spreche nichts dagegen. Brechts Dreigroschenfilm Mystery-Themen gibt's bei Facebook und unter www. Eine Frage, die bislang offiziell unbeantwortet blieb. Quarks auf Instagram. Mindestens 95 Cowboy Bebop Staffel 2 dieser Sichtungen können Hansjürgen Köhler und seine vier Mitstreiter Romanoffs Cenap aufklären, häufig sogar noch am Telefon. Du bist noch kein Mitglied? Ozonloch: Ist das Problem schon gelöst? Deine Datensicherheit bei der Nutzung der Teilen-Funktion. Gekommen sind einige Dutzend. Können fliegende Untertassen selbst parken? Mindestens 95 Prozent dieser Sichtungen können Hansjürgen Köhler und seine vier Mitstreiter beim Cenap aufklären, häufig sogar noch am Telefon. Das Institut gilt als angesehene, wissenschaftliche Vereinigung, die mit Weltraumbehörden und Forschenden weltweit zusammenarbeitet. Funktionelle Cookies. Besonders in Kino Gilching Programm USA häufen sich die VerschwörungstheorienAgatha ChristieS Poirot Episoden durch einzelne Aktionen und Aufdeckungen immer wieder angeheizt werden. Nun wollen Facebook-Nutzer die Militärbasis in Nevada stürmen. Erstens: Keine erkennbaren Antriebssysteme.


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