Western Decor and It’s Effects

The environment can influence the balance and stability of our mental health. To elaborate, those who are especially emotionally sensitive can greatly impact their mood and well-being by decorating their homes appropriately to accentuate the positive emotions and eliminate the negative emotions our environment tends to arouse. When I am feeling particularly depressed, I tend to gravitate towards nature. The outdoors provides natural vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay regulated. For example, Vitamin D from the sun is not only good for our skin (in moderation), but also our mood. It helps us feel energized and happy. The same goes for our environment in our homes.

The color scheme, amount of light, and cleanliness in the home is crucial to improving mental health. Having spoken with a therapist friend of mine, she informed me that a dark room evokes emotions of depression, worthlessness, sluggishness, and claustrophobia, (which can lead to anxiety). Conversely, a room filled with natural light evokes emotions of happiness, productivity, comfort, positivity, and ambition. Over the years, I have learned red is often beneficial in the dining room as it arouses the appetite. Green is often chosen for bedrooms. It represents tranquility, peacefulness, and fertility. A vibrant orange is ideal for an exercise room. Orange excels feelings of energy, productiveness, and excitement.

Another factor that is pertinent regarding influencing a cheerful home is: cleanliness. Cleanliness represents togetherness, stability, and spaciousness. It welcomes company and pleasant conversations. On the other hand, a putrescent, unkempt home is a symbol of lethargy, claustrophobia, and over stimulation. These are just some of the negative factors a dirty home can bring.

The comfort and lay- out in a western decor home is important to achieve total relaxation. In our homes, we should be able to unwind and process the day in comfort. Some simple steps to achieving that are to keep it simple, choose a comfortable mattress contoured to the body, and furniture that is inviting and durable. To add to the comfortability and originality of the home, decorative pillows, pictures of loved ones, and works of art should also be hung around the house. These things are a constant reminder of what we love and go to work every day for.

In conclusion, the environment influences not only our thoughts but our feelings and actions. It is purely sensory as we are sensitive human beings. I found it especially beneficial for myself to make sure my home is a cheery, natural lit, clean place. This has accentuated the quality of my own mental wellbeing as well as my loved ones that surround me.

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