Transforming Your Home Western Style

southwestern rug

If you are a fan of the western or rustic style interior decorating, southwestern rugs can help you to make your home have that southern twang feel. These rugs provide the rustic look that makes them feel right at home.


Rugs that have a southwestern feel to them can provide your home with a warm and laid back atmosphere. Your home will look very authentic as you strategically place the rugs in different areas of your home.


These particular rugs go back many years and have long been a part of the American Indian culture and have a history of being one of the best pieces of art in the southwestern region of the country. The rugs are made with different colors and characters that represent events from a historical or spiritual perspective. For example, finding a Taos, Dakota or Santa Fe rug would represent part of the Southwestern history along with the different patterns that are part of the Indians’ heritage.


Southwestern rugs are beautiful, and the proof is shown in how they are made. The crafters put so much work and use their talents to the fullest to make the best rugs possible. Experienced crafters use a vertical loom with a wooden frame.


They kneel in front of it and work for hours making the hand-woven wool rugs. There are various colors of yarn that are used to make the large shapes and designs. The crafters who weave the rugs together use earth tone colors to make them come alive. For a rustic look, they use southwestern inspired designs that are unique and that are usually not found anywhere else. The ideal southwestern rugs are made with a rustic or western theme in mind. These rugs can serve as great decor for your living room as well as the foyer of your home. Each design that is used is particular. They all represent the southwestern heritage that so many Indians are proud of.


People gravitate more towards southwestern rugs that are hand woven because of the designs, colors, and textures. The style is different than what you may have seen elsewhere. Southwestern rugs are made to bring some spice to your home where it may be dull. Some online retailers have a wide variety of rugs to browse through online. You will be able to see the richness and the styles that the Indians love. These styles and patterns can enhance your home and bring a warm atmosphere. The best part about looking at the samples online is that you can do it from your home.

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