Getting Started With Home Decorating

whiskey river turquoise rug

The essence of décor is to add to a room and is a type of expression, almost comparably an art. Similar to the layout of a website, you want it to reflect you as a person and you want it to match and reflect the content being presented. The same goes for offices, homes, and waiting rooms, you want the decorations to add to the feeling of the room. Do you want it to be comfy and cozy or cold and modern? The only way you can transform a plain room into something different is with decorations.

Decorations can be of all types. They can be cultural, plastic figures, art, furniture, and many more. Décor is so important because it as an expression of not only one’s self, but it can also reflect one’s culture. I live in a small cozy three-bedroom and two-bath log cabin home in rural Hawai’i. Being a Native Hawaiian and growing up as an active cultural practitioner, I possess a multitude of cultural objects. These objects have been used throughout my people’s history and are a method of keeping the culture alive and known to future generations. They hold purpose and stories and were collected by my grandparents and have become the décor of my home.

When I moved to college it was so foreign walking into a cold and empty dorm room. Four plain white walls with nothing to make one feel comfortable. It was not a “home” but a mere place for me to sleep. As sad as it started to become, I saw it as a clean slate. Being indulged and surrounded by my culture was such a blessing, but it was also difficult because the décor I desired for my room did not match the rest of the house and did not feel right. So, when I walked into that plain old dorm room I saw an opportunity to express my self and my culture through decorations. I had stuff shipped from home and bought a few things from Walmart which allowed me to create a home away from home. Without décor, I do not know what my college experience would have been like and that is why décor matters to me.

One day my mother and I were driving down our street and noticed a couch with a sign that read, “FREE” on it.  I was 7 years old and we were preparing to leave our home for a home that was brand new and in a neighborhood that was only described as “better” than where we were.  The couch didn’t look like much.  As a matter of fact, it was just a thin wooden frame.  But my mother saw something.  She saw our future.  She saw progress.  She saw something better than what we had and she decided to take the couch home.

My mother wasn’t much of a sower but she began to beautify that couch by creating beautiful cushions for it.  We went to Joanne Fabrics and bought a lovely floral print fabric.  To accentuate the fabric we also bought beautiful navy blue and teal-green fabrics.  We also bought a huge cushion for the seat of the couch, 4 big pillows, and 2 little throw pillows.  She created an entire couch just built off of the frame.

When we finally moved into our new home my mother had finished her couch.  Lovely floral with splashes of blue and green.  We had unpacked all of dressers, clothes, toys, pots, pans, and anything else that we felt worthy to bring into the new home.  The very last thing to come into our new home was the couch.  Floral prints, with blue and green accents were the last things to fit into the space.  As I watched my mother settle into her new home and her new couch I was able to realize how important one detail can make in a person’s life.  We found that couch on the side of the road and made it a part of our history.  We decorated the rest of the living room to fit that one piece of discarded furniture and my mother felt at home because of it.  It was then that I realized the importance of décor.


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How To Choose Your Carpet Squares – A Helpful Guide

The material you use for your flooring is something you should give quite a bit of thought to. Since your floor is something that can be used a lot, it is crucial to make sure the material used is conducive to the type of traffic that it sees. Also, you will want to make sure that the flooring material is something that you find to give you the look you desire. Plus, you will want it to be comfortable for you to walk, sit, or possibly lay on. One material that can do all of these things and more is carpet squares. If you want to use carpet squares in your home, continue reading this helpful article.

First of all, you will want to decide on a budget for your new flooring. How much money do you want to spend on the material and labor, if there is any? If you aren’t sure, it can be a good idea to price what you need to learn about the costs you can expect.

Then, you should decide exactly what you want. There are different types of carpet squares to choose from and learning about your options will help you make the best possible decision. Take time to look at your local flooring store to find the types and colors of carpeting squares they have. Also, be sure to check out the World Wide Web to see if there are other options out there. The more you explore, the more you can find great carpet square floor options.

Finally, you will need to make a decision as to what carpet squares you would like in your home, office, or other space. If you will be having it installed by someone, you will also want to discuss this with a trusted flooring professional. This is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want as new flooring is a big investment.

As you can see, when you want new flooring, carpet squares are a good decision for many different reasons. You can choose from a wide variety of options, the price is right, you can easily repair or replace your flooring if you find it gets stained or damaged, and so much more. Use the tips that have been shared here as you look for the best flooring option for the areas you are looking to cover.

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Western Decor

Decor is a part of your personality as how you decorate all depends on your taste. Though it can be expensive and a lot of work, the finished product is usually worth it. The fun thing about decorating is the fact that you can easily transform an ordinary space into whatever you wish. Though it may not seem like, decorating something how you wish gives a sense of satisfaction and security. Without decor, everything would be bland and unpleasant. Adding even a little decor like a cowhide pillow can give a feeling of comfort and homeliness. Unlike other art forms, you do not need any special skills to do decor. You could simply buy a rug and set it down on the floor somewhere or move a plant to a different side of the porch, those are simple forms of decor.

How can decor represent your personality? Well, say your house is kind of messy and everything is placed randomly around the house. This may be a sign that you like to collect things and that you might not be very organized. Maybe you have a house with different animals and items that give a southern feel. That shows that you like animals and maybe even hunting and like a southern atmosphere. Personally, I have always like having oriental items around my home to show my love for the Asian culture and cats. At the end of the day, everyone is just striving to achieve what they believe to be the perfect environment that acts as both a comfort zone and a space that can be bragged about to friends and family.

Decor is easy, just let it embrace you and tell your story. Take designers, for example, the usually follow their hearts when deciding how to design a building. They introduce new ideas and inspire others while making their customers happy. We should follow that example and follow our hearts when we design. This makes it easier for your designs to tell more about you and why you design the way you do. Think outside the box and be creative, because what’s truly important about decor is you and your style.

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Transforming Your Home Western Style

southwestern rug

If you are a fan of the western or rustic style interior decorating, southwestern rugs can help you to make your home have that southern twang feel. These rugs provide the rustic look that makes them feel right at home.


Rugs that have a southwestern feel to them can provide your home with a warm and laid back atmosphere. Your home will look very authentic as you strategically place the rugs in different areas of your home.


These particular rugs go back many years and have long been a part of the American Indian culture and have a history of being one of the best pieces of art in the southwestern region of the country. The rugs are made with different colors and characters that represent events from a historical or spiritual perspective. For example, finding a Taos, Dakota or Santa Fe rug would represent part of the Southwestern history along with the different patterns that are part of the Indians’ heritage.


Southwestern rugs are beautiful, and the proof is shown in how they are made. The crafters put so much work and use their talents to the fullest to make the best rugs possible. Experienced crafters use a vertical loom with a wooden frame.


They kneel in front of it and work for hours making the hand-woven wool rugs. There are various colors of yarn that are used to make the large shapes and designs. The crafters who weave the rugs together use earth tone colors to make them come alive. For a rustic look, they use southwestern inspired designs that are unique and that are usually not found anywhere else. The ideal southwestern rugs are made with a rustic or western theme in mind. These rugs can serve as great decor for your living room as well as the foyer of your home. Each design that is used is particular. They all represent the southwestern heritage that so many Indians are proud of.


People gravitate more towards southwestern rugs that are hand woven because of the designs, colors, and textures. The style is different than what you may have seen elsewhere. Southwestern rugs are made to bring some spice to your home where it may be dull. Some online retailers have a wide variety of rugs to browse through online. You will be able to see the richness and the styles that the Indians love. These styles and patterns can enhance your home and bring a warm atmosphere. The best part about looking at the samples online is that you can do it from your home.
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Western Decor and It’s Effects

The environment can influence the balance and stability of our mental health. To elaborate, those who are especially emotionally sensitive can greatly impact their mood and well-being by decorating their homes appropriately to accentuate the positive emotions and eliminate the negative emotions our environment tends to arouse. When I am feeling particularly depressed, I tend to gravitate towards nature. The outdoors provides natural vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay regulated. For example, Vitamin D from the sun is not only good for our skin (in moderation), but also our mood. It helps us feel energized and happy. The same goes for our environment in our homes.

The color scheme, amount of light, and cleanliness in the home is crucial to improving mental health. Having spoken with a therapist friend of mine, she informed me that a dark room evokes emotions of depression, worthlessness, sluggishness, and claustrophobia, (which can lead to anxiety). Conversely, a room filled with natural light evokes emotions of happiness, productivity, comfort, positivity, and ambition. Over the years, I have learned red is often beneficial in the dining room as it arouses the appetite. Green is often chosen for bedrooms. It represents tranquility, peacefulness, and fertility. A vibrant orange is ideal for an exercise room. Orange excels feelings of energy, productiveness, and excitement.

Another factor that is pertinent regarding influencing a cheerful home is: cleanliness. Cleanliness represents togetherness, stability, and spaciousness. It welcomes company and pleasant conversations. On the other hand, a putrescent, unkempt home is a symbol of lethargy, claustrophobia, and over stimulation. These are just some of the negative factors a dirty home can bring.

The comfort and lay- out in a western decor home is important to achieve total relaxation. In our homes, we should be able to unwind and process the day in comfort. Some simple steps to achieving that are to keep it simple, choose a comfortable mattress contoured to the body, and furniture that is inviting and durable. To add to the comfortability and originality of the home, decorative pillows, pictures of loved ones, and works of art should also be hung around the house. These things are a constant reminder of what we love and go to work every day for.

In conclusion, the environment influences not only our thoughts but our feelings and actions. It is purely sensory as we are sensitive human beings. I found it especially beneficial for myself to make sure my home is a cheery, natural lit, clean place. This has accentuated the quality of my own mental wellbeing as well as my loved ones that surround me.

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Home Interior Decorating – 10 Things For You To Consider

When it comes to any home interior decorating undertaking success in creating the correct color balance is a vital part of any rewarding enterprise. The colors that you finally decide on often reflect your personality. It is therefore best to be aware of your response to different colors before choosing them for your proposed home interior decorating project. Here are nine more things that for you to consider about home interior decorating.

To add to the success of your home interior decorating project it is important that you start with a plan. This does not mean that you should know exactly everything that you wish to do in advance. It helps however to have a general outline of what you wish to achieve in your room.

You need to find styles that conform to your tastes. A way to do this is to go through magazines and catalogs and tear out pictures and illustrations that you like. When you have a stack of pages, search for common themes that interest you. You may realize for example the pictures you have been saving show rooms that have colored walls or that many have certain patterns or similar decoration.

Good lighting is the key to your home interior decorating success. Lighting is a great way to create mood and atmosphere. Some different types of lighting are ambient, task and decorative, scented candles can bring additional ambiance to your rooms. Well-designed lighting can also lead to an improvement in our general well-being. Successful lighting schemes need to be planned at the beginning of your home interior decorating project. This will enable wiring to be installed in the rooms of your home before you start your decorating.

Choose the furniture that is most suitable for you and your home and try to avoid poor furniture arrangements. For example walking in a room where all the furniture is lined up against the wall. This arrangement makes your room look smaller so avoid doing it. The best way to avoid this error is never to place an upholstered item against a wall.

Selecting the right curtains for your home is an essential in any home interior improvement. It helps to have a clear grasp and understanding of how curtains are made and fitted. This will then help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes and expenses.

Flooring is important for function and furnishings and therefore should be chosen with both in mind. Floor coverings can be wood, tile or carpet and should be of the same colour or a darker shade than the walls. I am personally a big fan of adding sheepskin pillows to your home. You should give them a try.

It is essential to have space or free zones within your rooms. Clutter has a way of erasing the desired mood and energy of any room. It does not matter the type of belongings you have, you need to have some surfaces that are free of paraphernalia especially window-sills. To enjoy fully your personal belongings and treasures there need to be, intermittent empty areas to balance the accessorized areas.

Rooms need accessories as they add color, scale, drama, individuality and atmosphere to them. Your accessories should be artifacts or items that you cherish and add deftness to your room decoration. Interesting pieces can be picked up at flea markets and craft shows.

Plants, trees and flora, will achieve balance in filling spaces in the room. Use trees or plants to fill emptied corners or walls. Try placing ivy and flora to match your furnishings these will give a final touch to your room.

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